The Bulletin

The Bulletin is a regularly updated online resource for artists’ book production and related opportunities.

Submit Your Book

At the heart of Printed Matter’s non-profit distribution services is a longstanding open submission policy.

Distribution Services

Printed Matter offers distribution services on behalf of artists through our storefront, our website, and our art book fairs.

Bibliographic Services

Since the mid 1980s, Printed Matter has maintained an extensive database for information about artists’ books.

For Wholesalers

The majority of our inventory, including titles published under the Printed Matter imprint, is available at a wholesale discount to booksellers.

For Libraries & Institutions

Printed Matter offers consultation services to libraries and institutions to help develop and expand their artists’ book collections.

Education Services

As part of our mission to promote the study, understanding, and appreciation of artists’ publications, Printed Matter provides free talks and tours of the store and exhibition space to visiting classes.

Archive Exhibition

Collected since 1976, our Archive stands as an important record of the development and trajectory of the artists’ book field as it intersects with Printed Matter’s institutional history.