0800-TAKE-ME-HOME: Curated by Revista Balam

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  • Newspaper        Peter Hujar, Steve Lawrence and Andrew Ullrick        Books / Artists’ Books        $40.00
  • Presidents and Beauty Queens        Pam Butler        Books / Artists’ Books        $30.00
  • no encontro tudo se dilui        fe avila        Books / Artists’ Books        $30.00
  • Tender        Carla Williams        Books / Signed        $80.00
  • Liquid Blue        Ash Allen        Books / Artists’ Books        $25.00
  • Balam        Luis Juárez        Periodicals        $75.00
  • Archivo de la Memoria Trans Argentina - Nuestro Códigos        Liliana Viola and Archivo de la Memoria Trans        Books / Monographs        $75.00
  • The Ballad of Sexual Dependency        Nan Goldin        Books / Monographs        $50.00
  • Heaven is a Prison        Mark McKnight        Books / Artists’ Books        $68.00
  • Things Men Say To Me        Kyle Quinn        Books / Artists’ Writings        $20.00
  • Red Flower The Women of Okinawa        Mao Ishikawa        Books / Artists’ Books        $70.00
  • Victor Arimondi: Rush        Victor Arimondi        Books        $30.00
  • Queer and Now        Nicolo Gentile        Periodicals / Prints        $12.00
  • Alcohol y Fotocopias: Homoxidal 500        Rafael Aladjem        Books / Monographs        $38.00
  • Maravilla Del Mundo        Thomas Locke Hobbs        Books / Monographs        $50.00
  • Comizi d'Emigrazione        Alice Minervini        Books / Artists’ Books        $30.00
  • Revolution Is Love: A Year of Black Trans Liberation        Qween Jean, Joela Rivera, Mikelle Street and Raquel Willis        Books / Monographs        $45.00
  • To Die Alive        Matthew Leifheit        Books / Monographs        $60.00

A selection of publications curated by Luis Juaréz of Revista Balam for his window installation at Printed Matter, 0800-TAKE-ME-HOME: Rebelliousness in Queer Artists’ Publications and Photography (April 24–May 26, 2024). The project explores representations of societal nonconformity in the convergent worlds of queerness and sex work, placing on view an offering of photo-based artists’ books and magazines that portray subversive intimacies, histories of oppression, found communities, and expressions of gender both performed and inhabited.

  1. Peter Hujar, Steve Lawrence and Andrew Ullrick
    New York, NY: Primary Information, 2023
  2. Pam Butler
    Presidents and Beauty Queens
    New York, NY: Endless Editions, 2019
  3. fe avila
    no encontro tudo se dilui
    São Paulo, Brazil: Lovely House, 2022
  4. Carla Williams
    Oakland, California: TBW Books
  5. Ash Allen
    Liquid Blue
    New York, NY: Ash Allen, 2024
  6. Luis Juárez
    Buenos Aires, Argentina: Revista Balam, 2023
  7. Liliana Viola and Archivo de la Memoria Trans
    Archivo de la Memoria Trans Argentina - Nuestro Códigos
    Buenos Aires, Argentina: Archivo de la Memoria Trans Argentina, 2023
  8. Nan Goldin
    The Ballad of Sexual Dependency
    New York, NY: Aperture, 2012
    Out of stock
  9. Mark McKnight
    Heaven is a Prison
    London, UK: Loose Joints, 2020
  10. Kyle Quinn
    Things Men Say To Me
    Brooklyn, NY: Raw Meat Collective, 2022
  11. Mao Ishikawa
    Red Flower The Women of Okinawa
    New York, United States: Session Press, 2022
  12. Victor Arimondi
    Victor Arimondi: Rush
    New York City, United States: New York Life Gallery, 2023
  13. Nicolo Gentile
    Queer and Now
    Philadelphia, PA: N. Gentile, 2021
  14. Rafael Aladjem
    Alcohol y Fotocopias: Homoxidal 500
    Buenos Aires, Argentina: 2016
  15. Thomas Locke Hobbs
    Maravilla Del Mundo
    Buenos Aires, Argentina: Photogramas, 2018
  16. Alice Minervini
    Comizi d'Emigrazione
    Florence, Italy: Alice Minervini
  17. Qween Jean, Joela Rivera, Mikelle Street and Raquel Willis
    Revolution Is Love: A Year of Black Trans Liberation
    New York, NY: Aperture, 2022
  18. Matthew Leifheit
    To Die Alive
    Damiani, 2022
Last updated 5/7/2024