Kaghazi Pairahan – Publishing & Resistance in South Asia

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  • Har Shaam Shaheen Bagh        Prarthna Singh        Books / Artists’ Books        $56.00
  • Witness - Kashmir 1986-2016        Sanjay Kak        Books / Artists’ Books        $88.00
  • Paper Txt Msgs from Kashmir        Alana Hunt        Books / Artists’ Books        $20.00
  • Dalit: A Quest for Dignity        Diwas Raja Kc        Books / Artists’ Books        $30.00
  • Tasveer II                Books / Zines        $24.00
  • 169        Lodoe Laura        Posters / Prints        $25.00
  • Cups of Nun Chai [Second Printing]        Alana Hunt        Books / Artists’ Books        $55.00
  • Good Morning                Books / Artists’ Books        $22.00
  • A Memorial for the New Economy        Chinar Shah                OUT OF STOCK
  • Testimony of the Disappeared         Imaad Majeed        Books / Artists’ Books        $30.00
  • Singed But Not Burnt        Shahidul Alam        Books / Artists’ Books        $60.00
  • 1528        Rohit Saha        Books / Artists’ Books        $60.00
  • In the Same River        Siva Sai Jeevanantham        Books / Artists’ Books        $180.00
  • In Today’s News        Kaamna Patel        Books / Artists’ Books        $35.00
  • Scissors & Glue        Rajat Dey        Books / Artists’ Books        $15.00
  • The Auditory Zine        Sanaya Ardeshir and Krishna Jhaveri        Books / Zines        $10.00
  • I Don’t Oil My Hair Anymore        Cheryl Mukherji        Books / Prints        $25.00
  • Dreaming It Forward        Tana Bana Trust and 5 Year Plan        Books / Artists’ Books        $1,800.00
  • The A to Z of Conflict        Abdul Halik Azeez, Muhanned Cader, Arjuna Gunarathne, Nina Mangalanayagam, Nillanthan, Anomaa Rajakaruna, Thamotharampillai Shanaathanan, Anushiya Sundaralingam, Chandraguptha Thenuwara and Kamala Vasuki        Books / Artists’ Books        $70.00
  • Shape of an Answer [Third Edition]        Cheryl Mukherji        Books / Artists’ Books        $50.00
  • Scapegoat        Ayan Farooqui        Books / Zines        $10.00

A selection of publications from the exhibition Kaghazi Pairahan – Publishing & Resistance in South Asia, on view at Printed Matter April 24–June 20, 2024. Kaghazi Pairahan presents a traveling library of artists’ publications and printed works that respond to historical and contemporary acts of social and political dissent across Pakistan, India, Kashmir, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the South Asian diaspora.

Through photobooks, zines, unpublished dummies, posters, and pamphlets from more than twenty artists, the exhibition considers various modes of publishing as strategies of resistance across interconnected struggles and experiences of marginalization. The works bring varied conceptual and documentary approaches to the circulation of photography and first person testimonies, registering the oppressive realities of state violence, entrenched patriarchy, censorship, Islamophobia, economic instability, and other concerns.

This collection represents the important act of archive-building in countering the manipulation of public memory by colonial ethno-nationalist revisionist agendas. By working in peripheral modes of publishing, artists can transmit the enduring images and messages of “inquilabis” (agents of change) that are ordinarily suppressed by state-controlled mainstream media.

Kaghazi Pairahan is curated by Devadeep Gupta & Akshay Mahajan, with design by Adira Thekkuveettil, and production by Kaamna Patel of Editions JOJO.

  1. Prarthna Singh
    Har Shaam Shaheen Bagh
    New Delhi, India: Prarthna Singh, 2022
  2. Sanjay Kak
    Witness - Kashmir 1986-2016
    New Delhi, India: Yaarbal Books, 2017
  3. Alana Hunt
    Paper Txt Msgs from Kashmir
    New Dehli, India: Yaarbal Books, 2011, 20
  4. Diwas Raja Kc
    Dalit: A Quest for Dignity
    Kathmandu, Nepal: Nepal Picture Library and photo.circle, 2018
  5. Rohit Saha
    New Delhi, India: The Alkazi Foundation for the Arts, 2019
  6. Alana Hunt
    Cups of Nun Chai [Second Printing]
    New Delhi, India: Yaarbal Books, 2021
  7. Siva Sai Jeevanantham
    In the Same River
    Chennai, India: 2024

  8. Good Morning
    Mumbai, India: Editions JOJO, 2024
  9. Lodoe Laura
    Toronto, Canada: Editions JOJO, 2024
  10. Kaamna Patel
    In Today’s News
    Mumbai, India: Editions JOJO, 2019
    Out of stock
  11. Chinar Shah
    A Memorial for the New Economy
    Bangalore, Karnataka, India: Reliable Copy, 2019
  12. Shahidul Alam
    Singed But Not Burnt
    Kolkata, India: Emami Art, 2023
    Out of stock
  13. Rajat Dey
    Scissors & Glue
    Kolkata, India: PIX, 2021
  14. Sanaya Ardeshir and Krishna Jhaveri
    The Auditory Zine
    Los Angeles, CA: Ears to the Ground, 2024
  15. Cheryl Mukherji
    Shape of an Answer [Third Edition]
    New York, NY: Cheryl Mukherji, 2024

  16. Tasveer II
    Lahore, Pakistan: Nad E Ali and Zeerak Sohail, 2024
  17. Abdul Halik Azeez, Muhanned Cader, Arjuna Gunarathne, Nina Mangalanayagam, Nillanthan, Anomaa Rajakaruna, Thamotharampillai Shanaathanan, Anushiya Sundaralingam, Chandraguptha Thenuwara and Kamala Vasuki
    The A to Z of Conflict
    Sri Lanka: Raking Leaves, 2019
  18. Cheryl Mukherji
    I Don’t Oil My Hair Anymore
    New Delhi, India: Cheryl Mukherji, 2023
  19. Tana Bana Trust and 5 Year Plan
    Dreaming It Forward
    Beacon / Vyaspur, NY / India: 5 Year Plan and Tana Bana Trust, 2024
    Out of stock
  20. Imaad Majeed
    Testimony of the Disappeared
    Colombo, Sri Lanka: Imaad Majeed, 2022
  21. Ayan Farooqui
    Aurangabad, India: Bazinega, 2022
Last updated 5/7/2024