Publications by Pati Hill

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  • I Decide to Wrap Up My Family         Pati Hill        Books        $10.00
  • One Thing I Know        Pati Hill        Books / Artists’ Writings        $10.00
  • Top Stories        Pati Hill        Periodicals / Artists’ Writings        $40.00
  • Letters to Jill: A Catalogue and Some Notes on Copying [facsimile]        Pati Hill        Books / Artists’ Writings        $10.00
  • Italian Darns        Pati Hill        Books        $50.00
  • High in the Sky        Pati Hill        Books / Artists’ Writings        $10.00
  • The Snow Rabbit         Pati Hill and Galway Kinnell        Books / Artists’ Writings        $50.00
  • Dreams Objects Moments         Pati Hill        Books / Artists’ Books        $50.00
  • Slave Days: 29 Poems, 31 Photocopied Objects        Pati Hill        Books        $10.00
  • Pati Hill: Photocopier—A Survey of Prints and Books (1974-83)        Pati Hill        Books / Catalogs        $30.00
  • Je Decide D'Emballer ma Famille        Pati Hill        Books        $10.00

A selection of publications by American writer and artist Pati Hill (1921–2014), available on occasion of the exhibition “Pati Hill: My old fur coat doesn’t know me”, on view at Printed Matter June 29–October 28, 2023. The archival exhibition traces Hill’s work over 40 years, featuring some of her most emblematic projects from the early 1970s onward. With an emphasis on artists’ books and related working materials, the show puts on view original publications, mock-ups, manuscripts, and ephemera, much of which is being exhibited for the first time. The exhibition is curated by Baptiste Pinteaux, publisher of the Paris-based press Daisy and the art journal octopus notes. The exhibition is produced with the assistance of the Pati Hill Collection at Arcadia University (Glenside, Pa.) and gallery Air de Paris. The books in this table demonstrate Hill’s artistic practice involving text and image, as she explored how they might “fuse to become something other than either.” Across poetry, fiction, manifestos, and journal entries, Hill’s publications contemplate—often in her signature biting and dark humor—the qualities of “housewifeness”, the distinction between dreams and material life, her encounters with the photocopier, and ultimately grapple with the systems of power, dependency and status to which she belonged.

  1. Pati Hill
    One Thing I Know
    Paris, France: Daisy Editions, 2022
  2. Pati Hill
    I Decide to Wrap Up My Family
    Sens, France: Pati Hill Books, 2010
  3. Pati Hill
    Letters to Jill: A Catalogue and Some Notes on Copying [facsimile]
    Milan, Italy: Mousse Publishing and Kornblee Gallery, 2020
  4. Pati Hill
    Top Stories
    New York, NY: Top Stories, 1983
    size unknown
  5. Pati Hill
    Italian Darns
    New York: Kornblee Gallery and Visual Studies Workshop, 1979
  6. Pati Hill
    High in the Sky
    New York, NY: Printed Matter Inc., 2023
  7. Pati Hill and Galway Kinnell
    The Snow Rabbit
    Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin, 1962
  8. Pati Hill
    Dreams Objects Moments
    New York: Kornblee Gallery, 1976
  9. Pati Hill
    Slave Days: 29 Poems, 31 Photocopied Objects
    New York, NY: Kornblee Gallery, 1975
    Out of stock
  10. Pati Hill
    Pati Hill: Photocopier—A Survey of Prints and Books (1974-83)
    Glenside, PA: Arcadia University Art Gallery, 2017
    Out of stock
  11. Pati Hill
    Je Decide D'Emballer ma Famille
    Sens, France: Pati Hill Books, 2013
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