Aperture/ParisPhoto: PhotoBook of the Year

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  • SCUMB Manifesto        Justine Kurland        Books / Artists’ Books        $80.00
  • Périphérique        Mohamed Bourouissa        Books / Artists’ Books        $69.00
  • Flint Is Family In Three Acts        LaToya Ruby Frazier        Books / Artists’ Books        $85.00
  • River’s Dream [Second Printing]        Curran Hatleberg        Books        $85.00
  • YYY        Yelena Yemchuk        Books        $74.00
  • Look at me like you love me        Jess T. Dugan        Books        $55.00
  • Carmen Winant: Arrangements        Carmen Winant        Books / Artists’ Books        $60.00
  • Baldwin Lee        Baldwin Lee        Books        $75.00
  • My Husband        Tokuko Ushioda        Books        $52.00
  1. Justine Kurland
    SCUMB Manifesto
    London, UK: MACK Books, 2022
    Out of stock
  2. Mohamed Bourouissa
    London, UK: Loose Joints, 2021
    Out of stock
  3. LaToya Ruby Frazier
    Flint Is Family In Three Acts
    New York, NY: Steidl and The Gordon Parks Foundation, 2022
    Out of stock
  4. Curran Hatleberg
    River’s Dream [Second Printing]
    Oakland, United States: TBW Books, 2022
    Out of stock
  5. Yelena Yemchuk
    Milan, Italy: Depart Pour l'image, 2022
    Out of stock
  6. Jess T. Dugan
    Look at me like you love me
    London, United Kingdom: MACK Books, 2022
  7. Baldwin Lee
    Baldwin Lee
    Long Island City, United States: Hunters Point Press, 2023
  8. Tokuko Ushioda
    My Husband
    Koshu, Japan: Torch Press, 2022
    Out of stock
  9. Carmen Winant
    Carmen Winant: Arrangements
    London, UK: SPBH Editions, 2022
Last updated 1/18/2023