Coco Gordon
Location: Lyons

CocoGo a.k.a. SuperSkywoman

Italian born Coco Gordon belongs to the most important of American “intermedia” artists. With roots in the Fluxus movement, today Coco refuses to be counted among any specific group. Central to her many-faceted activities is the effort to create a consciousness about ecological and social problems of the modern world. It would however not do Coco Gordon justice to see her work as a mere contribution to environmental protection, nor to accuse her of a form of Luddism philosophy. She rather attributes to technology a possibility to aid a sensible use of the resources at our disposal.

Since 1975, Coco has created handmade paper from natural­ based materials. With this she makes art, books, sculptures, and sound bodies based on forms of old indigenous instruments. Against our traditional education Coco’s art is there to be touched and played. Life resonates through artworks. Moreover, paper is the base material of her spatial/Earth-based installations.

-Bio adapted from Silvie Steiner, Vernissage. Translation from Austrian.