4N Exchange

An evening with Special Special and 4N
June 13, 2024

Join us at Printed Matter Chelsea for 4N Exchange, an evening of creative discussion featuring the artists from the inaugural issue of 4N magazine. From painting to graphic design and tea ceremony performance, each artist will take us through their creative practices and unique perspectives as foreigners making art in the US today. The artists will also engage in a panel discussion to share their experience, and speak on the challenges they face in the current creative climate as they navigate the visa process to prove their eligibility to stay in the country. The discussion will be moderated by Panny Chayapumh, Special Special’s resident O-1 visa holder and creative.

Stemming from the creative platform Special Special, 4N magazine is a biannual publication that showcases exceptional foreign talent thriving in America today. We provide a platform for the international community while fostering unity and support within our diverse local community. Our vision is to make 4N an inclusive and playful resource for all—a mission at the heart of Special Special projects since the studio’s beginning in 2016.

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4N Exchange Panelists:

Fía Benitez is a visual artist and scholar based in Los Angeles, originally from Mexico. Their ongoing body of work, Root Rot, is a study of colonial histories in Valencia, CA, where they currently teach at CalArts.

Weiyun Chen is a graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY, with a primary focus on branding, exhibition, print, and editorial design. She works with lucky risograph and co-founded Midnight Project design studio.

Michelle Eun Jung Ho, born in Seoul, South Korea, creates artists’ books in Brooklyn, NY. Her book-making practice is heavily process-based, and her recent work informed by her obsession with and understanding of “control.”

Yi Hsuan Lai, a Taiwanese lens-based artist, lives and works in New York. Her work incorporates handmade sculptures, found materials, and her body for staged photography in two and three dimensions, exploring themes of adaptation, uncertainty, and femininity.

Anh Lê, a Vietnamese-born nonresident alien currently residing in the USA, is a designer and art director. Her personal creative practice revolves around exploring the intersection of image-making, data-driven storytelling, and personal narratives.

Kenix Xiaoqing Liang is an artist who was born and raised in China and now calls Los Angeles home. Her paintings investigate the existing power dynamics in nature, including insects, plants, and animals, and the hidden narratives within them.

Keiko Taniguchi is from Tottori, Japan, and has a deep-rooted passion for integrating Japanese tea culture with New York’s contemporary art scene. She hosts a weekly event, Matcha Thursday, at Bungee Space, introducing tea ceremony culture to art enthusiasts.

Yanbin Zhao is an experimental filmmaker who splits his time between Shanghai and Los Angeles. His latest work is a documentary that explores the bodily experiences of Chinese immigrants in the US during the Chinese Exclusion Act.

Taole Zhu is a China-born artist who uses photography, video, and sculpture to express his artistic vision. In addition to creative writing and research, Zhu has also delved into the realm of futuristic fountain design, showcasing his imaginative ideas under different pseudonyms.

Panny Chayapumh is a Thai-born multidisciplinary creative who is based in Brooklyn. She has worked in the arts and culture sector for the past 8 years and is currently working as Special Special’s designer.