Catching Fun In-Between

A Word-Image Drawing Workshop Led by Ivy Zheyu Chen
September 16, 2023
1PM - 5PM

Join us at Printed Matter / St Marks for workshop with Ivy Zheyu Chen followed by sidewalk book and print sale of new work by Ivy!

The 2-hour workshop will be an exercise in storytelling, symbol, and narrative. Sometimes, combining a word and an image results in a meaning that’s neither the word, nor the image, but somewhere in-between. This workshop begins with a brief overview of Ivy’s work based on this simple concept, then moves on to a drawing warm-up, a word-image association exercise to explore how our minds stretch to spark unexpected chemistry and fun, followed by a group sharing and discussion.

Space in the workshop is limited, RSVP here! There is a suggested donation of $20 for participation.

Afterwards, all are welcome to celebrate with us outside on St Marks place with a special presentation of Ivy’s work, including new prints and zines.

Ivy Zheyu Chen is a New York-based artist and the founder of UPON Studio, which publishes zines and prints with only one brief: Explore Anything for Fun and Experience. Her recent work focuses on random thoughts and the experiments of whimsical word-image interaction. With appearances at various art book fairs, Ivy’s work has been collected by the Metropolitan Museum Library, Yale University Library, Whitney Museum, Jameel Arts Centre Dubai, and many more.