The World Has Already Ended: A Tale of Relations

Star Feliz and Jennifer Uribe in Conversation
August 11, 2023

Note this event takes place as part of The Classroom at Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair.

When Eye Land is a new artists’ book by Star Feliz, published by Printed Matter, Inc. The work draws on the artist’s research based installation work, bringing together colonial maps, travel photography, and historical as well as fabulated letters to explore the construction of the Dominican Republic’s national identity as a spiritual, socio-political, ecological, and cognitive process. At the seat of empire, Jennifer Uribe, Afro-Dominican scholar and PhD candidate in the UCLA Department of Sociology voyages into conversation with Feliz to bring ghosts, colonial calculations/hauntings/apparitions to the fore. Collectively they explore how black feminist concepts of resistance and refusal transmute the excesses of violence that live within our collective identities. This is the birth story of nationalism, the anthropocenic break – the birth of Latin America, and a persistent urging to conjure other worlds.

When Eye Land is published by Printed Matter, Inc., available for purchase here.

Learn more about Star Feliz’s Cimarrón Earth here.