Risograph Holiday Market!

Printed Matter / St Marks at dieFirma in Cooper Square
December 10, 2022
11 AM - 5 PM

Join Printed Matter / St Marks and our neighbors dieFirma in Cooper square for a one-day Risograph Holiday Market! PMSM will be featuring a wide range of risograph publications (from new titles fresh off the press to deep cuts from the Printed Matter archive…) in connection with dieFirma’s current exhibition, Printing the Future: The Riso Revolution.

The market will take place on the ground floor of 32 Cooper Square, a short walk from the PMSM storefront, with Printing the Future: The Riso Revolution on view just one floor below.

We’ll have zines, prints, and some warm drinks and baked goods!

About the exhibition

Printing the Future: The Riso Revolution is a collaboration with artist and curator Panayiotis Terzis. The exhibition features work by more than 250 artists showcasing various book and print objects from across the globe. Also on exhibit will be a collection of limited-edition prints made exclusively for this event, all using the Riso printing process.

Printing the Future conveys the explosive nature of this trend with works that are both open and limited-edition prints, as well as zines, books, and installations. The exhibition, located in the basement space of 32 Cooper Square with over 300 works, creates an immersive experience showcasing the many ways in which the Riso process is used by makers.

About dieFirma

dieFirma is an art space anchored in New York’s Cooper Square. Through exhibitions, publications, and workshops, dieFirma’s mission is to expand the conversation about art and encourage participation in the creative process. Printing the Future inaugurates dieFirma’s Riso Studio – a project space equipped with a 2-color Risograph duplicator, where creatives can collaborate.

  1. Ezequiel Frías
    Tatuajes Culeros III
    Querétaro, Mexico City: Gold Rain, 2021
    Out of stock
  2. Kentaro Okawara
    Pile Up
    Mexico City, Mexico: Can Can Press, 2018
    Out of stock
  3. Felicia Atkinson
    Musique Possible
    Cherbourg, France: Shelter Press, 2017
  4. Christopher Branson
    Read Each Other, Now We Have
    Chicago, IL: C. Branson, 2018
    Out of stock
  5. Erica Christmas
    Winter Clothing
    New Orleans, LA: Sisster Press, 2017
  6. Simon DeFeo
    Hell Ship
    Brooklyn, NY: TXTbooks, 2018
    Out of stock
  7. Cat Glennon
    Brooklyn , United States: Pegacorn Press, 2021
    Out of stock
  8. Sibba Hartunian
    Los Angeles, CA: S. Hartunian, 2021
  9. E. Jane
    Where there’s love overflowing
    Brooklyn, NY: GenderFail Press, 2022
  10. Flannery Cashill
    Sheebie Jeebies: Nudie Ladies to Peep in the Dark
    Kansas City, MO: Flanland, 2022
  11. James Chong
    Burbank, CA: Never Press, 2015
  12. Brian Cotnoir
    On The Mystic, Magick, Talismanic, Alchemical Practice of Zine Making
    New York, NY: Khepri Press, 2019
  13. Magali Duzant
    Pink Dogwood
    Newark, NJ: Conveyor Arts, 2021
    Out of stock
  14. Carson Patrick Foley
    Untitled, 2022
    New York, NY: Printed Matter Inc. and 8-Ball Community, 2022
  15. Sibba Hartunian
    Los Angeles, CA: S. Hartunian, 2022
    Out of stock
  16. Hanson Coleman
    The Great Enigma
    South Portland, ME: Childish Books, 2020
    Out of stock
  17. Veronica Graham
    The Weather
    Oakland, CA: Most Ancient, 2022
  18. Alexander Laird
    Guaranteed Spooky Stories
    Brooklyn, NY: A. Laird, 2022
    Out of stock
  19. Gustavo Eandi
    Buenos Aires, Argentina: Club del Prado, 2022
  20. Jo Frenken
    Point, Line, Plane
    Maastricht, The Netherlands: Jan van Eyck Academie and J. Frenken, 2022
    Out of stock
  21. Alicia Nauta and Hannah Pax-Enkel
    A Moth Exits
    Toronto, Canada: Alicia's Klassic Kool Shoppe, 2021
  22. Rubén Ortiz-Torres
    San Diego, Tiajuana, CA, Mexico: Taller California, 2021
    Out of stock
  23. Hannah Moog
    Looking in the Night [Limited Edition]
    South Portland, United States: Childish Books, 2022
  24. Cristóbal Lehyt and Ana María Risco
    Contra el día
    Santiago, Chile: Otra Sinceridad Publicaciones, 2022
    Out of stock
  25. Schaedyn McIntyre
    Morte Enciridion
    Brooklyn, NY: S. McIntyre, 2022
  26. Ricardo Vicente Jose Ruiz and Christian Michael Filardo
    Richmond, VA: Cucuy.Studio, 2020
  27. Sammy Stein
    Paris, France: S. Stein, 2022
    Out of stock
  28. León Muñoz Santini
    I’d shut my eye and think about a tree
    Mexico City, Mexico: Gato Negro, 2016
  29. Alabaster Pizzo
    Prayer to Saint Therese
    Chicago, IL: Perfectly Acceptable Press, 2021, 2022
    Out of stock
  30. Eve Sonneman
    19 Watercolors
    Houston, United States: Adam Marnie, 2022
  31. Adriana Lozano
    Verano Yakuza
    Cali, Colombia: Calipso Press, 2020