The New Art of Protest: Artist as Publishing Auteur

April 30, 2021
12pm CST / 1pm EST

The New Art of Protest: Artist as Publishing Auteur from FILM @ RICE on Vimeo.

Discussion with Q&A featuring:
Artist and printmaker Sue Coe; artist, writer and the editor-in-chief and publisher of Rotland Press, Ryan Standfest; artist and associate professor of art at Rice University, Christopher Sperandio; and artist and publisher Stanley Wany.

There’s nothing new about protest art. But, today, as political demonstrations surge and echo around the world, the visual practice of dissent is morphing and proliferating. Politically engaged art publishing is energized as perhaps never before. This panel discussion brings together a group of artists and artist publishers whose practices represent some of the fresh approaches, original imagery and/or new distribution channels of the new protest art. Topics for conversation range from the artist as publishing auteur and the recent globalization of new platforms for distribution to the political dimensions of imagery and authorship. The recurring question of our day will also be considered: i.e., amid the current onslaught of social and other digital media, is anybody listening?